Crossing Minds

Next-generation artificial intelligence

Cutting-edge Machine Learning

Crossing Minds applies next-generation artificial intelligence to enrich the human experience.

Using predictive models and cultural taste correlations, Crossing Minds builds products and services that appreciate and adapt to every individual.

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    Deep learning prediction

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    Collaborative filtering

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    Big data analysis

The Team

  • Alexandre headshot

    Alexandre Robicquet


  • Emile headshot

    Emile Contal


  • Sebastian headshot

    Sebastian Thrun


  • Brian headshot

    Brian Hoffstein

    Business & Communication

  • Mark headshot

    Mark Wingerd

    Back-end Software Engineer

  • Amelia headshot

    Amelia Brown

    Front-end Developer

  • Adam headshot

    Adam Pitchie

    iOS Engineer

Contact us

Our office is located in SoMa, San Francisco.